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Bathroom Tiles

"No trendy and great bathroom is ever complete without a dazzling floor and shining walls"

Swastik Tiles takes pride in the variety and quality of its products and bathroom tiles is the area where we are second to none. The wide array of materials and designs we use for giving our customers a diverse range of offerings is unmatched, and if it is contemporary designing, class and quality you are after, you need not to look any further.

Whether you are looking for shiny white tiles, contemporarily designed tiles or some beautiful shades, we offer the best range of bathroom tiles in a broad variety of sizes and materials, to ensure that you can build a bathroom with no compromise.

Why use tiles in bathroom?

Gone are the days when bathrooms used to be dingiest and tiniest of spaces in our dwellings. Those were the times when people used to spend the minimum time in their bathrooms, but today bathrooms are the lavish spaces where you can actually relax while you take a shower. To make your bathrooms one of your favourite places in the entire home, we offer the most beautiful and aesthetic bathroom tiles.

Apart from giving your bathroom an unmatched look and unparalleled modishness, tiles are beneficial in several other ways as well. Often, bathroom floors are wet and thus, there are chances that you may slip on the floor and sustain some serious injuries, and the wet floors also become the breeding ground for various bacteria. Bathroom is a place which needs utmost hygiene. When you use tiles, they not only enhance the interiors of the bathroom, but our advanced technology tiles are water and slip resistant. Thus, they give a non-slippery floor and even stop bacteria from breeding.

Why choose us?

We possess the most astounding range of bathroom tiles. Whether you are seeking sanctuary in a soothing spa retreat or want to wash the day away in your sleek modern wet room, we have the best bathroom tiles for you.

We offer the highest quality tiles developed using the most advanced technologies like nano and vitrification, and we use the finest materials to design the tiles so that they have a long life. Our tiles are durable and exhibit the minimalist wear and tear. We provide our tiles in a variety of colours, sizes, finishes and textures for your bathroom.

We take immense pride in offering a selected range of advanced bathroom tiles which are in-line with the international quality standards and latest interior trends; so that we can ensure that your bathroom will become the favourite part of your home.

We also aid our customers with bespoke tiles designed specifically as per their requisite in the technology, style and pattern that they need. You can contact us to share your requirements and we’ll come up with the best solutions ideally matching your specifications.

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