Ceramic Tiles Types and Areas Where to Be Used

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are mainly of three types. Basically ceramic is the mixture of clay and sand with natural substances. Each type of ceramic tile is quite different from each other. If it’s the regular on you don’t get many options. But, while choosing decorative tiles you need to understand each type and then decide which is ideal for you.

There are three basic types of ceramic tiles.

  1. Earthenwear
  2. Stonewear and
  3. Procelain


Earthenwear is porous, which is easily scratched. This type of material is mostly used by potters to make different bowls and vases. But when they are not used for pots, they are called terracotta or quarry tile. The firing temperature varies from 900 degree c to 1100 degree c.


Stonewear is difficult to scratch as it is non-porous. Because of this property it is cooking and tableware and this ceramic are mostly used for decorative ceramic tiles. It becomes smoother after firing.


Procelain also has a smooth surface, it is also non-porous. But porcelain is much harder than stonewear.

Glazed tiles can be any type of ceramic tiles. It only means that the tiles are coated with the glass-foaming minerals that are glossy. They are waterproof and stain resistant.

Areas where ceramic tiles are used

Ceramic tiles are the most favorite option for people when they think of the countertops in kitchen. They make them look beautiful. They are heat, scratch, and stain resistant and easy to clean so the ladies love it a lot that saves their time and energy for cleaning it.

The bathroom ceramic tiles are very good option as they are easy to clean and again are available for both lower budget and expensive budget too. It is mostly glazed. This adds beauty the bathroom. Nowadays, the decorative bathroom ceramic is of many prints and patterns. There are many prints for all ages and moods of people.

Using decorative ceramic tiles will provide accent to your house. There is a wide range of patterns and varieties t choose from the decorative ceramic tiles compared to the regular ones they stand different when compared to the regular ceramic tiles.


The basic type of ceramic tile is very easy to find ad is also cheaper n rates compared the decorative and glaze tiles. Even the mosaic is also considered ceramic tiles. They are small pieces, tiles used for a picture. They are mostly used on walls. m

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