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Designer Tiles

"We, at Swastik Tiles offer you a comprehensive range of designer tiles with a variety of designs, sizes, patterns and styles"

Designer tiles are making a buzz all across the globe. These bring life to your simple and unadorned floors and walls while perking up your home. The latest trendy designer tiles allow you to imprint high resolution designs and pictures on the walls of your home while giving your private spaces an ideal makeover through finest resolution, razor sharp detailing and vibrant images which a human eye can perceive. Moreover, the latest designer tiles give you a freedom to imprint designs on various sizes and surfaces, be it mat, glossy, flat or flinty.

Floral design, Wall Tiles or Pattern Tiles

Over last 8 – 10 years the tile industry kept itself quite subdued with the regular washed out hues of off-whites, greys, and neutral browns for reflecting the reserved and timid safe and economic design practices. But now the tiles industry is evolving with some astounding prints and patterns in a broad range of floral tiles including ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, digitally printed tiles, nano tiles, porcelain tiles, and glazed tiles etc.

Designers are now getting indulged with mesmerizing aesthetic prints inspired by nature, metals, fabrics, cultural cues and even some digital patterns to light up the interiors of the home. There are a variety of tiles which bring an artisanal style to your home interiors while giving it a touchable pastoral and rustic feeling with an incredible grace and warmth.

Wooden strips or wooden finished tiles

The emergence of wood style tiles is not a new concept to the world of interior designing, but, these days, there is certainly a revitalization of embracing more authentic and aesthetic wood finishes. Taking the lifestyle of the typical cottage living to transformed and sophisticated urban lofts, new wood styled ceramic, porcelain and vitrified tiles innovations are on rise. Homeowners and designers alike are enjoying the amazing versatility of wood surface designs, and various shades with its durability and waterproof properties along with the ability to use them in both indoors and outdoors alike.

In alignment with the natural wooden printed tiles is the introduction of some of the unexpected splashes of patterns and colours to give you pleasantly beautiful homes.

Why choose us?

Today, the designers and tile manufacturers are becoming more edgy and typical with their designs and are adding the nods from various sources like nature, fashion, aqua and other worlds to make their designer tiles look unique and perfect for decorating your interiors with style. We offer our customers an affordable range of unique designer tiles to give their homes a complete renovation in terms of style and modishness without compromising on utmost quality.

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