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Digital Ceramic Floor Tiles

"Swastik Tiles offers you a broad array of ceramic floor tiles to give your home interiors anaesthetic look and a neat finish"

Ceramic tiles are among the top choices of the homeowners for their unmatched beauty and other qualities, and we, at Swastik Tiles offer a broad range of ceramic floor tiles for our valued customers. Among the several reasons for choosing ceramic tiles some of the most prominent include their imperviousness to moisture, these do not absorb odour or bacteria, are safe to stand on barefoot and stand up to the stains.

We offer the ceramic floor tiles in a wide range of designs and colours to give your home a luxurious and sleek look. The size of tiles range from large format to tiny mosaic, and come in just about every imaginable shape.

Why use ceramic tiles?

Tiles are known to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home whilst giving your home interiors an astounding makeover. Ceramic tiles, which are among the fashion-forward flooring choice for a large number of people, are available in a number of variants including simple ceramic tiles and digital ceramic floor tiles.

Available in a wide variety of styles and designs to complement both, traditional and contemporary interiors of your homes, you can always choose from broad array of digital floor tiles. Our ceramic tiles offer unmatched design versatility and can mimic various styles & designs such as limestone, granite etc. We have never ending choice options for you.

Why choose us?

With Swastik, you can choose from almost any type of installation pattern while incorporating inlays, border and trim pieces in order to accentuate the decorative pattern. You can always mix and match the tiles with various colours and sizes for enhancing the visual appeal, or repeat the similar styles on the countertop or walls for a coordinated and cohesive look.

Our ceramic tiles lasts for decades as they have been manufactured from the finest quality raw materials and go through the most stringent quality tests before being sold. These can withstand high foot traffic and water, and the toughest wear you can dish out. We are known for our quality and thus, what you get at Swastik Tiles is second to none in quality.

Our ceramic tiles are composed from superior quality clay, water and other materials fired at quite high temperatures. This tough manufacturing process makes our ceramic floor tiles resistant to water, stains, odour and bacteria.

Our commitment to deliver only the best quality tiles to our customers drives our continuous strive to achieve the best, and this is one of the reasons that our R & D team is always engaged in researching newer technologies to make the tiles look stylish and exhibit superior features.

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