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Parking Floor Tiles

"We offer Heavy Duty Parking Tiles which can Bear Great Loads without any Wear and Tear"

We, at Swastik Tiles, offer our customers an exclusive range of parking tiles designed specifically for durability using advanced tools and technologies. Scratchproof and durable in nature, our parking tiles are processed and offered in a variety of colours, patterns, designs and textures to suit the demands and requisites of the customers.

Vitrified Parking Tiles

Vitrified parking tiles are the tiles which are produced leveraging the process of vitrification. This process ensures that the tiles very low porosity which makes them very strong and highly stain-resistant. These tiles are produced by baking the finest tile making materials like silica and clay at extremely high temperatures where the individual grains and particles melt and fuse together to make a vitreous surface on the top of the tile. This converts the whole tile in a single mass which is very hard and possesses quite low porosity.

Our vitrified parking floor tiles ensure superior quality and longer life owing to their hardness and strength. These are available in a variety of styles and sizes, from which you can choose the ones perfectly suiting your requisites.

Nano Digital Tiles

When it comes to parking floor tiles, we offer advanced nano digital tiles as well. The nano digital parking tiles are manufactures using advanced nano technology that transforms a digital tile into an extremely hard and strong tile with augmented sheen, enhanced colour and superior protection against staining. The nano effect on the digital tiles is achieved by applying the hard and light organic nano particles on the top of the polished tile.

This plating technique ensures that the applied nano particles evenly polymerise on the surface of the tile. With the help of repetitive plating, applied through high pressure polishing and sanding, the nano particles combine properly with the substance of the tiles in order to form an organic nano film showcasing high stability and density. This distinguishes the nano tiles from the ordinary ones.

We have a broad array of designs and patterns for the nano digital parking tiles to give our customers wide range of options to select from. Our tiles are known for their long life and superior quality.

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