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Double & Multi Charge, Full Body Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles

"products not only exhibit world-class quality but the most affordable pricing as well"

Represent your emotions and turn your living expression with our exclusive range of vitrified tiles which perfectly match your lifestyle. We possess an exhaustive range of floor and wall vitrified tiles available in a variety of styles, patterns, prints, sizes and textures. Our vitrified tiles symbolize designs and styled spaces which redefine fashion and grandeur which is second to none. Our vitrified tiles not just match your requisites but also come with an assurance of world-class quality driven by the most advanced and best of technology.

Why use vitrified tiles?

Vitrified tiles are one of the most fabulous looking tiles which are ideal for creating attractive visual effects in different areas of your home, whether on walls or on floors.

Tiles have evolved greatly and have started playing an increasingly significant role in defining the look and interiors of the homes, not just on the floors and walls of kitchen and bathroom, but also on the walls and floors of the bedroom, of the living area and even the facades. Additionally, the choice of tiles has become as wider as the ends for which they are being used. One of the popular choices among the homeowners is the vitrified tiles which are available in a variety of colours, textures, patterns and sizes. With unlimited design possibilities, high resolution printing and sharper finishes, vitrified tiles in various styles have started to become the ceramic art for the walls, especially the digital vitrified tiles. We offer a variety of vitrified tiles for our customers including:

• Glazed vitrified tiles
• Full body vitrified tiles
• Multi charge vitrified tiles
• Double charge vitrified tiles
• Digital glazed vitrified tiles

Vitrified tiles possess some unique features and characteristics which make them extremely popular among the homeowners. These tiles are possess minimal porosity and are extremely hard, thus exhibit very less wear and tear, low moisture absorption and do not become breeding grounds for bacteria. These are made by baking the silica together with finest quality clay at extreme temperature at which the individual particles or grains of the tiles fuse and melt to make a vitreous surface.

Why choose us?

Swastik Tiles is a renowned name in the tiles industry for our unmatched quality and an exclusive range of innovative tiles. Our organization is driven by the demands of our valued patrons and the consumer trends, and thus, what you find at Swastik Tiles is only the trendiest and exhaustive range of modish tiles.

Our desire for greater product differentiation is what differentiates us from our competitors as we want to give our customers the products which are second to none in quality, design, and aesthetic appeal.

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