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Wood Strip Tiles

"Our wood strips exhibit the natural wood effect along with exquisite quality"

Swastik Tiles is design-led progressive tiles manufacturer and supplier offering its customers a comprehensive range of contemporary tiles and wood strips. Being the market leaders in the manufacture and design of modish tiles and wood strips, we have developed an agile approach towards remaining an authentic tiles and wood strip brand.

We offer our customers an exclusive collection of wood strips, replicating the natural beauty of wood, designed specifically for use in enhancing interiors. Our wood strips are ideal for use in the home and offices, in the living rooms, bedrooms, entrance halls, dining rooms etc. We have always set out to differentiate through our designs, and our trendy & stylish wood strips are no exception.

Why use wood strips?

Nothing looks more appealing in a home than the wood floorings as these enhance the look and aesthetic appeal of the home in an unmatched manner. Wood strips give your home an authentic look, and since the furniture is also wooden the interiors look amazingly incredible. But, most of the times we face a number of issues with wooden floorings like wear & tear, small life, non-durability and above all bacteria grow easily on wood.

On the contrary, wood strips which are a form of tiles with wood finishing on the top, eliminate all the above mentioned issues. We have an exhaustive range of wood strips in a variety of designs, shades and colours. Showcasing astounding designs, our wood strips are perfect addition to your home’s interiors.

Why choose us?

Professionally respected, accredited by industry and advocated by architects, contractors and designers alike, the wood strips from Swastik Tiles is the result of the hard work by our design, service and manufacturing teams. Our drive to meet the expectations of our valued customers makes us offer the quality products with most unique & trendy designs. We use our expertise oriented design team to develop wood strips which are individual, different, and efficiently finished.

We work in close association with experts in our field for researching, creating and producing wood strips which can challenge the perceptions and offer our customers the beautiful aesthetics. We innovate in the newer product categories with a balance of technical performance and design quality.

Working as a global tiles and wood strip manufacturers, we employ the best professionals and use the highly stringent quality measurements for delivering exemplary engineered products. Our wood strips are made from finest quality raw materials and offer unparalleled quality in terms of durability and strength.

Just like our products, our commitment to our customers and their requisites is also robust. Thus, we always ensure that the products which we offer match the quality standards that we commit and boast about.

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